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The need of help is highly important when you have trouble with Pogo account billing and subscription. there are many billing issues where one might need help of pogo customer support for help.

if you are looking for billing department then its clear that you have club Pogo membership or you are trying to get one. you can still get help even if you have cancelled you Pogo account.

Why Should You Contact Pogo Billing Support?

there are few key common issues and some troublesome issues where you can only get help by talking to someone and that when you start looking for Pogo toll-free helpline number for assistance. here is the list of problems that could put you in for help. such as-

  • Club Pogo Membership Joining
  • Update/Remove Credit/debit cards or change Billing Methods.
  • Your Account has limited access to Premium games.
  • Redeem rewards coupons and discounts
  • Change in Pogo subscription duration or Discount Price
  • Purchase of Games and token Gone bad
  • subscription cancellation and refund related issues
  • Invoice and unauthorized charges at account
  • Account Merger and Billing adjustments ‘

Things You Should Have Before Contacting Support?

while you don’t need anything to contact Pogo customer service for help however once connected with the support desk they might require you to verify the details to make sure you are the verified owner of your account.

  • Keep your Registered Phone Number or Email to login pogo account
  • Screen Name is required to verify the account

if you don’t remember the details required above please keep the last 4 digits of your card details that are on file for Pogo account verification. pogo phone number for help using the method by Ea help.

the support rep will be able to assist you on the any other matters of troubleshooting games related any problems you might have.

How to Contact Pogo Customer Care directly?

as we have already explained there is not direct Pogo customer support for you to calls and help and there is a process you should go through while looking for support.

in the link given above, we have already given clear instructions on how one can access www.help.ea.com and follow the methods given below.

Community and Blog– many club Pogo users have trouble only because of lack of knowledge so asking a question under community or checkout blog will definitely help however in case of billing queries are this won’t be very effective. still checkout pogo blog and community for more information.

Live Chat Support- this is probably the best way of getting help for Pogo games. just go to Ea sports customer service page and follow the onscreen methods to get help.

Phone Support Or Call Backs some users find it hard to type and explain their problem over the computer or phone using live chat and for those users once you connect pogo customer service over the chat you can request a call back for help. one of the pogo technical support guys will call back and solve the problem you may have with your pogo account.

all of this information shooed help you fix any issues you might have with Pogo games account related with billing.