Are You Having Problem With Your Pogo Games? Do You get Pogo Game Screen stuck Or Freezing while Playing pogo games? Frustrating isn’t it? We Understand When all of a sudden you get this issue without you and making changes. Possibly Every pogo user had this issue once in a while Regardless of whether you are a free pogo user Or club pogo member.

Don’t Worry Consider this was your last time when you had this kind of problem with your pogo games. we are going to guide you on How You can fix Pogo Loading Problems. Please Read Till Last to Understand And Solve the Problem

Before we fix it let us explain major possible reasons that can Stop the pogo game from loading. you can contact the Pogo Customer support number at any Point you Need someone to Guide you.

Why Pogo Games Won’t Load

Small RAM size

Low Computer RAM Memory Can Also Cause the Problem with Your Pogo games. if you have a Ram Less Than 2 GB than We Suggest You to Upgrade for Better Performance.

Computer Junk And Corrupt Files

If your computer Contains Junk, Unwanted Cookies, Loads Of Temp Files  & corrupted Files than Your computer can be the possible reason behind this pogo Situation. If Your Pogo games are Freezing than this Issue could be the key reason behind your Trouble.

Java Or Internet Browser

You See Pogo Games are based on Flash Or Java programs if you are playing the games on a supported browser Or Platform than Its Not Going to work there. any harmful Or Unwanted Plugin Can be the reason where your Pogo won’t Load.

Blocking Antivirus Or Other  Program

Sometimes Your antivirus Or any other program Can cease Or block access to the website and that way you will not be able to reach, Its Also Possible that any other program Can Block the Gaming Port. checkout Pogo Compatibility Scan for more Clearer picture

Particular Game Problem Or Unsupported Device

if your Computer Or Tablet is Not Supported By Pogo Games Minimum Than You will not be able to Load Pogo Games. Please Find out if your system is compatible With pogo games.

Pop Up Blocker

this is quite Possible that your Pogo games are not loading because you have Enabled a browser pop-up Blocker Or You have any program to Remove Pop up Blocker for Pogo. Please allow pop-ups from Or Just disable your Pop up Blocker.

Note- Please Understand that Don’t confuse the Pogo sign in Problems with Pogo loading issues. Let’s be sure of the issue before we proceed further.

Fix Pogo games not Loading

While Providing these pogo Solution we have remembered that most of the pogo users are 40+ Or Senior Citizens That’s why we have tried to be very clear and comprehensive Please Follow the step to step to Troubleshoot Pogo Loading Issues –

  • Restart Your Computer Or Device And Give it a Minute to Load.
  • On Mac, we recommend using Safari & On Windows, we Recommend use the Latest Version of Internet Explore Or Microsoft Edge.
  • Clear the computer Junks and corrupted Files Including Unwanted Cookies, Temp Files, Prefetch, Run a Complete Virus Scan to remove any possible Virus Or Bug
  • Clear Browser History -and Restart Your Browser

Try Different Browser

One can always try a different browser to run pogo games, however, these are few specific pogo games that can be only played on java enabled browser such as Euchre, Hearts, High Stakes Poker, Makeover Madness, Mini Golf Madness, Flower Daze, Fortune Bingo
Golf Solitaire etc. Since Google Chrome does not support Java & Flash you are left with little choice but there are plenty of games you can play on google chrome. find out what is the best browser for pogo games according to your system.

Hope all this information helps you troubleshoot pogo games and find the right solutions according to your need. Please comment below and do let us know if you need any other help with your Pogo Games.

Thank you for reading we hope we did not bore you. Looking to hear from you guys so we can make more changes to solutions and make somebody’s day. Call Pogo customer service in any case if the issue is not resolved.

Remove Older Version Of Java

  •  Go to Your Computer Contol Program List where you can see all installed Programs and Uninstall the Java Installed on your Computer.

Note – For Windows Users if you have Trouble Finding Programs Please Follow these Steps –  ( Press and Hold the windows+R key at the same time. Now You will see a small Box Appear on the left-hand side By the name Of Run. Please Type Appwiz.cpl in that Box and Press Ok  You will See the List of installed programs Than You Can Remove Older From Their)

run box
unistall java

Install The Latest Version of Java

Once You remove Old java From your system please restart your computer and Give it a minute to Boot and Refresh, Now Once Your system is back Please Open Your Internet explorer Or Safari and Please go to Download the Java And Run the Setup.

java for pogo

Once installed Please Verify that you have the latest version of java Here

While installing the java it may ask To Enable Java Plugin Please Grant the request With Yes In Case You Don’t see this option Please Don’t forget to activate(Enable) Java Plugin While As an extension to Your Browser.

Restart Your Computer and Try to Loading pogo games again see if that works.

Adjust the Screen resolution

In Case if you are getting a black screen Or the Game is giving an error While Playing the games it’s because of the Screen Resolution. Please Adjust the screen to full size depending on your computer and operating system. know how to fix pogo screen resolution if in case you need any help

Test Your Antivirus

We don’t recommend any antivirus at this point in time but there are a lot of them and It’s Quite Possible that your antivirus can block a certain game Or Website itself while Playing any games if it finds anything suspicious. as far as we know serve Quality games without any malicious activity so Relax try these steps-

  • Disable your antivirus temporarily and restart your browser then try loading games again see if that works. if you find your game working after disabling than go to Your antivirus and make an exception for as a safe website
disable antivirus for 10 min
  • You can also contact your antivirus brand support and let them do this for you.

Router Internet Or Blocking

in Recent years we have Seen Router come With Open ports for Gaming However we can always doubt Port Blocking to Stop Games From Loading. Login to Your Router Using Or Any Other default IP to access the router admin page & forward the Post. Ask Pogo Support if you need to forward ports.

System Requirements for Pogo Games

it is highly unlikely that any of the modern computer or phone is not compatible with pogo games. any device which is not older then 15 years should be totally compatible for pogo games, its just the browser that are supposed to look for . Here are windows & Mac System Requirements for Pogo games –

Windows 10

  • Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) Support Java Games
  • Edge – Does not support Java games but will work On All Other Games 
  • Chrome – Does not support Java games but will work On All Other Games 

 for Mac

Here are the system Requirments for Mac. However, we will Suggest you to Use Safari for Best gaming experience for mac

Mac (latest version)

Hope all of these information would help you get your pogo games not loading or working problem resolved. do contact and let us know if you need more help.